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QT Dog – The Pioneer in Antler Dog Chews

The dog food and accessory world is so full of products to choose from, it’s almost

overwhelming to decide what’s best. Not only are dog owners looking for safe, natural products, so are suppliers, as that’s what consumers are seeking.

In recent years, consumer trends have shifted to all-natural products, and that has extended to dog foods and accessories, too, like using antler for dogs. While many manufacturers have pivoted to reflect what consumers want, one producer has been creating a natural dog chew for years, and was the first to do so.

What is QT Dog?

QT Dog is the producer of an all-natural dog chew, the first to use shed antlers. They are an innovative, progressive brand that continues to sell products that dog owners like as much as

their dogs.

They are the original producers of one of the most ingenious products in dog chew history.

The Concept

The creator of the product, Michael Thomas, noticed a friend's dog chewing on a deer antler.

This inspired him to enter the market himself, using shed antlers as dog chews.

Thomas wanted to provide something fresh, natural, and healthy for pet owners to offer their dogs. While other manufacturers have used animals for their pet products, QT Dog has always sold a natural product that does not harm animals in any way. 

Without QT Dog, manufacturers may still be peddling rawhides instead of natural alternatives.

Why Antlers for Dogs?

Not only do dogs love to chew on antlers, there are a variety of benefits to using them instead of other materials. QT Dog uses shed antlers. Shed antlers, as the name indicates, are antlers that animals like elk and deer have shed. This is a natural process, and using shed antlers does not sacrifice an animal.

Antlers are also a source of calcium and phosphorus, and they aid in canine dental health. They are a long-lasting, all-natural dog chew.

Innovation in Natural Dog Chew

QT Dog was the first brand to manufacture and market such a product. Prior to their domination of the market, inferior materials and ingredients were being used to manufacture these popular products. 

Since their involvement in the industry, the shed antler market has boomed. People are seeing the worth in this commodity on a much wider stage, and it’s all thanks to QT Dog.

But this product isn’t just innovative because of its market interruption - it’s always been a safe, natural alternative for dogs with numerous health properties associated, and it was created with that intention long before market trends were of that nature.

The Bottom Line

QT Dog is the original producer of natural dog chews. Products don’t get more natural than antlers for dogs, and with the added health benefits, it’s obvious why they interrupted the market and have remained a formidable brand in natural dog chew production. 

Pet owners love antlers for dogs, and dogs love them, too. There’s no better than the original, and the original is QT Dog.


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