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Why Dogs Are Going Bonkers Over Water Buffalo Treats & Chews in 2022

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Pet parents have now realized that the sticky, smelly, bleached beef rawhide chew Grandpa gave the family dog back in the day is sooo not cool.

It wasn’t cool then, and it’s not cool now. There is nothing good about the stuff other than the fact that it is cheap. As we approach 2022, there are alternatives to traditional rawhide chews that you might not know about – and your four-legged family member will thank you for it.

If you want a true rawhide alternative that delivers satisfaction and won’t empty your wallet you will want to take a closer look at Water buffalo chews and treats.

QT Dog manufacturers

a full lineup of premium quality water buffalo products at our factories in India. We are the leading supplier of water buffalo cheek hide and horns to the American market.

Water buffalo cheek may look like rawhide but that is where the similarities end.

Unlike beef rawhide, water buffalo cheek does not absorb moisture. It does not get soft and rubbery where dogs can swallow whole hunks (potentially causing intestinal blockage not to

mention really nasty poos). Instead, it stays hard where dogs have to work it to only get small pieces off. Our cheek rolls are super hard and our cheek strips (6” and 30”) deliver long lasting chewing satisfaction. Our water buffalo cheek is never bleached.

Water buffalo horns are quickly gaining popularity as an affordable alternative to deer and elk antler.

Have you seen what antler chews cost nowadays? Dogs enjoy chewing water buffalo horn as much as they do antler, but at a third of the cost. Our four legged friends love our super long lasting horns and pet parents appreciate the affordability of this all natural chew. Dog owners can choose from five different sizes to accommodate all types of pooches.

India Water Buffalo Fun Facts

  • More people in the world depend on Water buffalo meat and milk than any other domesticated animal.

  • In 2003, there were over 200 million water buffalo globally with nearly half in India.

  • In 2015, India was the #1 global red meat exporter.

  • In India, buffalo are used for small scale agriculture and raw milk production.

  • Water buffalo meat is considered a healthier alternative to beef because it contains less fat and cholesterol, and more protein.

  • Water buffalo were first domesticated in Western India over 6000 years ago.

About QT Dog

For over 20 years, QT Dog has been the leader in innovative water buffalo chews and treats for dogs. We are the premiere source for exotic long lasting, all natural, single ingredient dog chew toys. QT Dog has pioneered Deer Antlers, Nepal Yak Cheese, Mongolian Goat Horns, and India Water Buffalo Horns and Cheek.

We will be sharing interesting stories and facts about our products, people, and the pet industry in upcoming emails and we hope you find them enlightening.

Tune in to our next mail for more information or contact us directly at

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