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QT Dog's New Colgn Chews

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

What is Colgn?

Colgn chews are made of 100% all natural water buffalo cheek. Water buffalo cheek is the bottom layer of skin taken from the shoulder to neck portion of the water buffalo hide. This skin is rich in collagen making it a great healthy chew for your furry friend. The collagen rich skin is also where this pawsome chew gets its name. Sourced from Water Buffalo all over India, we bring you QT Dog’s latest and greatest all natural chew line we know your dog will adore: Colgn.

The Whole Line

We have 8 different Colgn products to satiate your pup. Each product is available in two different different types of packaging: banded and in a pouch.

The Colgn Sticks are hand rolled from collagen rich water buffalo hide. The 6” chew is long lasting fun for small to medium sized dogs. The 12” Colgn sticks are also hand rolled from water buffalo hide. Best for medium to large dogs.

6" Colgn Stick

12" Colgn Stick

Made of the same stuff as the Colgn Stick chews, Colgn Ring and Colgn Bone chews are pressed into two different fun shapes. The compacted water buffalo cheek is great for avid chewers of all sizes and breeds.

Colgn Bone

Colgn Ring

Why ‘Chews’ Colgn?

Did you know that cheek chew has become an industry standard as being superior to cow rawhide? The collagen rich layer of water buffalo hide dries incredibly hard and doesn't absorb moisture during the chewing process. This means you aren’t left with wet bits that your pup can choke on. It also means no mess to clean up. The collagen rich chews also have many health benefits including improving the quality of fur, skin, and nails as well as relieving joint pain and promoting heart health. While most companies source their cheek from cows, QT Dog is the leader in Water Buffalo products in the USA. Starting with the Water Buffalo Cheek Rolls in 2016, Colgn chews are the latest and greatest way to keep your pup chewing for hours to days on end.

Where are Colgn Chews?

QT Dog’s brand new Colgn Chews are available for wholesale order through our main website

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