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QT Dog Celebrates 25 Years of Business

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

What A Long Strange Trip It Has Been….

Back in the Summer of 1997 as the result of a contract manufacturing deal going South Rana and Mike found themselves in possession of a 40’ foot container of very fancy and whimsical dog collars. After getting lowballed by the usual closeout suspects it was decided that they would take a booth at the 1997 Fall H.H. Backer show in Chicago and test the waters of the Pet Supply business. They set up in a ten foot booth in the very back corner of the hall in Siberia, commonly known at the New Exhibitor Section. The collars were very unique and there was nothing like them anywhere else in the hall. Folks really liked them and many orders were taken.

It was soon evident that the industry was super hungry for new and different items. Taking a casual stroll around the show there was booth after booth all selling the same thing. Sensing an opportunity it was decided that they would jump into the Pet Business with both feet and thus QT Dog, LLC was born, QT being short for “cutie”. Their mission being to bring new and innovative pet items to market.

Over the next 25 years the company introduced and helped pioneer many items that have become mainstays of the industry. They invented the entire Deer Antler Chew business from scratch. They were the first distributor friendly importer of Yak Cheese from Nepal. They are the largest importer of Water Buffalo treats and chews into the states. They were an early player in the decorative elevated feeding station category and the Barstool single adjustable feeder still sells tens of thousands a year. Their Brake-Fast slow feed bowl was the first to market and is one of their top five sellers year over year.

Starting from a two man operation based out of a spare bedroom QT now has twenty fulltime employees working out of a 30,000 square foot warehouse located in South Dallas, Texas. Please come and help celebrate over 25 years in business at Natural Products Expo West at booth #2681!

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