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How to Find the Best Pet Products in 2023

Updated: May 26, 2023

Every dog owner wants to give their pup the very best. So, what are the best options when it comes to your dog’s health? There are plenty of chews, treats, and feeders created with harmful additives like plastics, preservatives, and pesticides created with long shelf life and cheap costs in mind. How do you get the best for your dog without the harmful additives? It starts by being aware of what to look for in the products you purchase for your pup.


There are countless dog bowls on the market made of all kinds of materials. Some of the most common and cheapest dishes are made of plastic. This can be helpful for a pet owner to keep costs down and for the company making them of course! Plastics can have plenty of impacts on your pet, but there is also the worry of the environmental impact of purchasing plastic products.

Another issue is that plastic feeders can leach microplastics into your dog’s food and water. On top of that most dogs make contact with their feeders directly when eating by licking or even chewing the bowl. When bowls are made of plastic this means they’re not only possibly leaching plastic into your pet, but are not going to hold up as long as bowls made of other materials.

There are a slew of healthy alternatives to plastic bowls, dishes, and feeders. If your pet enjoys engaging with food when eating, there are many options made of natural fibers such as snuffle mats that give dogs an opportunity to eat in an engaging and rambunctious way. There are also bowls and feeders made of other natural materials like metals. We recommend stainless steel feeders for their hygienic nature. To learn more about the health benefits of stainless steel feeders, click here.

Plastic can be found not only in bowls and feeders, but also in toys and chews. It is important to always read the labels on products you purchase for your pets and check for possible harmful materials.

Preservatives & Pesticides

Preservatives are found in most consumables these days for people and pets. While they do keep the food shelf stable, some of them can be harmful to consume, especially for pets! The same goes for pesticides. Added to plants to keep harmful pests away, there can also be pesticides in pet products that can cause harm when consumed.

Just like when you check food labels on the products you buy in the store that you will eat, it is important to do the same for your pets. This goes for pet food, chews, and treats. Any product that does not have ingredients listed on its label should be a huge red flag. A company that makes a product that they believe in to tell you exactly what is inside is much more trustworthy than a label with nothing but tagines.

Natural chews, food, and treats are a great way to dodge preservatives. When products are made of nothing but natural ingredients it’s possible you have the best option for you and your dog, but sometimes natural products have added preservatives. It’s important to still keep an eye out when reading labels to make sure no harmful preservatives have been added.

Some great options for dog chews that are all natural with no preservatives are horns and antlers. Check out what QT Dog has to offer to keep your pup chewing in the healthiest way possible:

About QT Dog

QT Dog is an all natural pet chew and stainless steel feeder manufacturer. With over 25 years of experience in the pet industry, we are dedicated to delivering the highest quality pet products from our sources all over the world to your best friend at home. Based in Dallas, Texas, we hope to bring you and your furry friend the very best for years to come.

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