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Why Stainless Steel Pet Bowls Are The Healthier Option

Everyone wants to give their pet the best they can. I know when I got my first dog, I was overwhelmed with where to even start! I quickly learned the first step was providing my pet with the best food and water dishes to minimize mess, stress, and bacteria.

There are countless options available both online and in stores, so many that it can be an overwhelming decision especially for first time pet parents. But I assure you after testing lots of options - the best long lasting options are stainless steel pet feeders.

My dog loves to play with her food, batting her dish around all over. This means her bowls have to be sturdy and durable. Unlike plastic or ceramic bowls, stainless steel doesn't chip, crack, or break easily, making it a safe option even for your strongest willed pups. You don't have to worry about any plastic chemicals leaching into your dog's food and water either. Stainless steel is also resistant to scratches, which makes it an ideal choice for pets who love to chew on everything they can get their paws on.

Stainless steel has the miraculous trait of being naturally hygienic. It is non-porous, meaning bacteria and other microorganisms don't have a place to hide and grow. This makes stainless steel bowls a more sanitary choice than plastic or ceramic bowls which can develop small crevices from wear and tear providing safe havens for bacteria to thrive. Stainless steel bowls are also dishwasher safe, which makes them a breeze to clean and sanitize.

Stainless steel pet bowls are also versatile and can be used in both indoor and outdoor settings. They are rust-resistant and can withstand exposure to the elements, which makes them a great choice for outdoor use. If you have a balcony or patio, stainless is a great choice to give your furry friend more permanent outdoor dining options. Stainless steel bowls also come in a variety of sizes which makes it easy to find the perfect size for your pet, whether they're a tiny kitten or a giant Great Dane.

Along with its durability and natural hygienic nature, stainless steel pet bowls are also a great choice for pets with allergies. Some pets are sensitive to certain materials, such as plastic or ceramic, which can cause skin irritations or allergic reactions. Stainless steel is hypoallergenic, meaning that it won't cause any adverse reactions in pets with allergies or sensitive skin.

Another benefit of stainless steel pet bowls is that they are relatively inexpensive compared to other types of pet bowls especially considering how long they last. While there are certainly higher-end stainless steel bowls available, basic stainless steel bowls are affordable and widely available at most pet stores and online retailers. This makes them a great choice for all pet owners from those on a budget to anyone ready to spend top dollar to give the very best to their furry friend.

Lastly, stainless is the best ecologically conscious choice a pet owner can make. We all know plastic takes hundreds of years to decompose and contributing to microplastics is the last thing an eco-conscious pet owner wants to do. Stainless is infinitely recyclable meaning when you’re ready to part with your stainless pet bowls, they can actually be recycled and turned into something new.

In short, stainless steel pet bowls are the best choice for pet owners who want a durable, hygienic, versatile, hypoallergenic, affordable, and eco-friendly option for feeding their furry friends. With their long-lasting durability, easy-to-clean surface, and resistance to scratches and bacteria, stainless steel pet bowls are the perfect addition to any pet parent's collection of pet care products. So if you're in the market for a new food and water bowl for your pet, be sure to consider stainless steel as the best option.

About QT Dog

QT Dog is an all natural pet chew and stainless steel feeder manufacturer. With over 25 years of experience in the pet industry, we are dedicated to delivering the highest quality pet products from our sources all over the world to your best friend at home. Based in Dallas, Texas, we hope to bring you and your furry friend the very best for years to come.

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