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9 Dogs to Brighten Your Day

This October we had a Halloween Costume contest and here are just a few of our favorite entries!

@plumgoodstuff is strutting their Monsters Inc stuff!

@magicgolddogs knows how to always keep them wanting 'smore



@waffles_and_wesley said, "actually bird is the word"

@pickles_houdini showed us that ch-ch-ch-chia pets are cooler than we remember

@doggypunks reminded us that we can be who we want to be: B-A-R-B-I-E

 Switched it up on us yet again

@queengingerbeer sported the most fashionable footwear known to man or dog

@cafecondito said there was something in the air that night, but swears it wasn't them

@loki_godd_of_mischief was an extra prickly one

About QT Dog

QT Dog is an all natural pet chew and stainless steel feeder manufacturer. With over 25 years of experience in the pet industry, we are dedicated to delivering the highest quality pet products from our sources all over the world to your best friend at home. Based in Dallas, Texas, we hope to bring you and your furry friend the very best for years to come.

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