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10 Reasons to Come See Us at Global Pet Expo

1: Hey! 👋 It’s been two years since we’ve gathered in sunny Orlando! Please come by and say “Hi” and let us know how you have been doing.

2: Come see our BRAND SPANKING NEW line of super hard compressed Water Buffalo collagen chews. They are going to be HOT HOT HOT!

3: Gaze in marvel and wonderment at our new overhead suspended sign!

4: We just hit the 25 year milestone of being in business and we want to celebrate🎉 by giving away some goodies. Enter our 25th Year Anniversary drawing to win products and prizes!

5: See our selection of exotic, long lasting natural chews. Feast your eyes on Antler, Water Buffalo, Yak Cheese, Cashmere Goat Horn and more - all under one roof!

6: Check out your look in the mirror-like reflection of our complete line of Stainless Steel bowls and accessories.

7: Stock up on our proven winners such as the Barstool adjustable single feeder and Water Buffalo Head Skin and Full Tails In/Out displays.

8: See, touch and feel the innovative and original Brake-Fast stainless steel slow feed bowl, the father of the category!

9: Guess Mike’s new weight and win a prize!

10: Help us celebrate 25 years in this industry that we all love so much! SEE YOU THERE at Booth 2805!!

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