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What Makes QT Dog Chews “Socially Responsible”?

Did you know that most dog chews and treats on the market today are derived from livestock by-products sourced from huge corporate processors?

These massive corporations use cost saving techniques that are not considered environmentally nor socially beneficial. These entities use feed lots employing feed stocks grown by huge corporations and generate massive amounts waste in the form of sewage ponds that can burst. Additionally, artificial fertilizers and insecticides are commonly used to increase the bottom line for these big players. Yuck!

To add salt to the wound, the big guys today use automated processes that have reduced demand for human beings to do the work. The result? Fewer jobs.

At QT Dog, we hold ourselves to the highest standards when it comes to the chews we sell. We source only the highest-quality natural long lasting chews that are obtained from the socially disadvantaged and we do so in an environmentally responsible manner. You could say we pride ourselves in helping out the “little guys” around the globe.


ANTLERZ, is the ORIGINAL deer and elk antler chew., are sourced exclusively from naturally shed antlers gathered by small operators. There is no slaughterhouse involved – ever.

Did you catch that? We neither hunt nor slaughter deer and elk (nor do we run feed lots). The income derived from the sale of the antlers into the pet arena goes directly to the gatherers and into their communities. Many tons of antler come off Indian Reservations as well as small ranches and farms scattered across the Southwest United States. Antler has become a major source of income for these underserved communities here in the USA.


Churpi Chew Yak Cheese Treats from Nepal are bought directly from small Yak farmers throughout Nepal. QT Dog helped pioneer this tasty long lasting chew into the pet supply industry. In the past few years, Nepalese Yak cheese has become a mainstay product and can be found in one form or another in most pet retailers across the country. It has become a major export product for Nepal and injects millions of dollars annually into the Nepalese economy and directly into the pockets of the small farmers there, making their lives a little better in the process. This dog chew has directly improved the lives of thousands of Nepali farmers. Another example of a high quality chew that is socially responsible.


QT Dog is also the pioneer and leader in supplying chews derived from water buffalo horns in India. There is no large scale ranching of water buffalo in India. All the animals are raised by small farmers where they are used primarily for working their land. The farmers make extra income by selling their excess buffalo to middle men who then supply the processors. India is the largest red meat exporter in the world and the industry directly benefits the small lot Indian farmer. QT Dog’s line of water buffalo horns and treats has helped drive U.S. demand for these minimally processed, long lasting, and economical dog chews.


At QT Dog, we really like helping those that are economically disadvantaged, from all around the world. When you buy a QT Dog product, you’re not only helping your local pet store or the manufacturer, you’re also supporting a poor small farmer in need to help feed and raise his family.

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