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SuperZoo 2022

Vegas Baby!

QT Dog will be featuring it’s newest products at our booth 4739 at SuperZoo 2022. We have combined two of the hottest trending items in dog chews into one superb natural long lasting chew with our new “Colgn” line of Water Buffalo Cheek Collagen chews.

Brown and white Dog laying on ground with collagen chew ring in mouth

Colgn chews are made from the collagen rich lowest layer of Water Buffalo Cheek Dermis. Water Buffalo Cheek is recognized as a superior alternative to cow rawhide. It dries super hard and does not absorb moisture during the chewing process. This means it does not get soft. Dogs cannot chew off a hunk of it, avoiding potential intestinal blockage issues.

The success of our Water Buffalo Cheek Rolls and Strips attest to the popularity and effectiveness these rawhide alternatives. Collagen is trending hard in both the Human and Pet trades for it’s health benefits so it was a No-Brainer that we needed to make a line of Collagen Cheek Chews from Water Buffalo.

We will be introducing four “Colgn” chews at SuperZoo. We have traditional sticks in both 6” and 12”. These are a similar diameter to a premium Bully Stick, less expensive, and much longer lasting. We also have a pressed bone and a ring for those really aggressive chewers, also very affordable. Colgn chews are available pouched or with a cigar band. Must be seen to be believed!

Text: "Sniff us out at" image of SuperZoo trade show logo next to image of dog nose. Bottom left image: QT Dog LLC logo. Bottom Text: "at booth 4739"


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